The contest on the theme of “Canada’s North” was open to residents of Port Hope and also to those living in Arviat, Nunavut.  Arviat is a village on the west side of Hudson’s Bay.  Farley travelled there and worked with villagers on a film.  We did not receive any entries from Arviat this year due to Covid-19 protocols and severe weather, but we look forward to future collaborations.
The Rotary Club of Port Hope thanks all those who submitted entries to the Farley Mowat 100 Writing Contest.  The winners were announced at a Zoom meeting on Friday, May 14.
In the category Kindergarten to Grade 8, we acknowledge entries from George LeBel, Cora LeBel, Sidney Gallimore and Melissa Thorne.  The runner-up, and winner of a $50 VISA gift card is Samantha Sergiades for her story, “The Birch-Bark Canoe”.Click here to read the Story  The first-place prize of a $100 VISA gift card goes to Ainsley Doleman for her story, “Into The Wild Wind”.Click here to read the story
In the category Grade 9 to 12, the first-place winner is Abby Hutton for her story “From The Sky Above”. Click here to read the Story Abby wins a $100 VISA gift card.
In the adult category, we acknowledge entries from Stacey Laross and Darrell Leeson. The first- place winner is Jenni Burke for her story “Dreaming of the Arctic”. Click here to read the Story Jenni receives a $100 VISA gift card.
The winning entries are posted on the Rotary Club of Port Hope website –