March 25, 2024
Haute Goat
Prior to the start of the meeting everyone toured the facilities at Haute Goat.
The first stop on our tour was the large building that could be the location for the Surf & Turf dinner this year.
We then moved on to one of the yurts that they have for use by visitors. Drina called the meeting to order shortly after 6:00 with the usual toast to Canada, The Monarchy and First Nations. We were then served whatever meal we had ordered off the menu. I had their Smash Burger and it was excellent.
After dinner Olga gave an in depth presentation of the plans that have been made for our annual Surf and Turf.
The plan this year is to use a new venue at Haute Goat and return to a sit down type of meal with entertainment and live auction.
I have itemized most of the information in point form below. After Happy Bucks the meeting closed with the singing of O Canada.
Surf & Turf 2024 Early Planning
June 22/24 date at Haute Goat
Capacity – 225 to 250 diners
Price - $100 per person to $130 per person
Down East Music
Alpaca experience from 4:30 to 5:30
There will be a bon fire. Bring your lawn chairs & blanket
Roast Beef will be done off site.
Dessert- Goat ice cream
Rotary will control the bar but will hire bartenders
Live auction but no silent auction.
May consider shuttle buses
There will be adequate parking on both sides of the large building that will host the event
Will have portable toilets nearby and indoor toilets a very short walk away.