Why Rotary………..what intrigued me to start is the Rotary Four-Way Test.  Simple to the point in a world that is continuing to become more complex and bereft of humanity and a soul :
                                                     Is it the Truth
                                                     Is it Fair
                                                     Will it build good will and better friendships
                                                     Will it be beneficial to all concerned
As I begin to comprehend the facets of Rotary, what becomes exciting is its depth of service……….and its sincere commitment to friendship within the club.
Rotary’s Symbol is the geared wheel, which to me represents disciplined work to be done .  If we look closer one can see the “key” within its hub.   Being a part of  that key to make that great geared wheel rotate and in turn generate community service and friendship is a good thing.  A very Good Thing.
With a disciplined and happy heart to do good service in this ever increasingly secular world is again ……Good.  I would like to be a part of that key to drive that gear to help others in their lives to make theirs and in turn mine better and a more satisfying life and a stronger and healthier community.